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What is My Emergency?

My Emergency offers the peace of mind to comfortably travel anywhere in the world with the knowledge that you can quickly contact the local emergency services in your time of need, where ever you may be. Right in your pocket, you have access to emergency service numbers and the contact details of 10800 embassies in 244 countries, territories and states. Help is only a tap away when you need it the most.


What Does It Do?

  • Call the local emergency services from wherever you are in the world
  • Current physical location is plotted so that you can tell the emergency services your precise location
  • Search any embassy in any country from anywhere in the world
  • See the embassy address and phone number as well as a map of its location
  • Call the embassy and get directions via Google Maps
  • Direct dial a predetermined contact
  • Store and quickly retrieve key medical information
  • Store and quickly retrieve your personal details, including insurance details

Key Features…

Features_emergency services Where ever you are in the world, My Emergency will connect you to the local emergency services in your time of need. Your location is automatically registered and the appropriate country's numbers will be dialled.
Features_find your embassy Once your country of origin is registered, My Emergency will display your Embassy in which ever country you happen to be standing in. Or you can manually search for any Embassy in any country in the world!
Features_my medical file Store your medical details, including your personal doctors name and contact details, your blood group and any allergies or medical conditions. Have those very important details on hand when you need them.
Features_my profile Store your personal details , including phone number, date of birth, nationality and travel insurance details. Together in one place, peace of mind knowing that you personal details are at your fingertips.
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